Flormar Deluxe Cashmere DC-31 Lipstick


Hello lovelies! Hope you are doing well…
I have an unhealthy obsession with good lipstick and by good lipstick I mean one that is moisturizing, well pigmented and is long lasting as reapplying lipstick every 5 minutes is one of the most annoying things.

Today I am gonna review one of my favourite lipstick by flormar.


I like vibrant and intense shade of pink. They instantly not only add splendid look in your personality but also make you feel fresh. I always love to add more of pink in my collection, no matter how much I previously own. Today I am gone share gorgeous shade of deluxe cashmere lipstick by Flormar from my lipstick collection.
If you’re the kind of girl that likes a well pigmented lipstick with high shine, a long lasting matte lipstick or a sheer glossy lipstick make sure to add Flormar lip colors to your beauty box.



Special formula that combines the finest colour pigments with an infusion of last generation moisture – boosting complex. Orchid Complex leaves the lips smooth and provides moisturizing. Fights free radicals and reduces appearance of fine lip lines. Shea butter and Cacao butter gives hydration and protection to the lips with mild and soothing effect. A full basket of anti-oxidants loaded formula leaves lips wrapped in light glossy color, comfort, nourishing and protection.


I have got it, in gorgeous pink shade; DC-31 is a pretty bright warm pink color.
I would say this color is the perfect pink for spring. The creamy formula is moisturizing, pigmented and glides on like a dream, so if it’s cold outside it’ll be best protection to your lips when you are out. You even don’t need any balm or primer for your lips. Also have nice smell and taste. My lipstick tastes like some berries. It’s nice gentle pink color.


Perfect suites with smoky eyes, or if you have heavy eye makeup then it’s perfect color. Or if you just don’t wanna use too much make up. For girls who just start using make up its perfect choice of color too.
Overall, this is a must to try lipstick range by Flormar if you are looking more a good quality lipstick in low price. I would highly recommend everyone to try this beauty.


It has a very smooth texture. One coat of the lipstick is more than enough to perfectly color the lips.


The formula moisturizes the lips very well and keeps it hydrated for long.



This beauty comes in a very stylish dull golden packing, which is mostly the center of attraction. Just love the packing.

Long lasting.
Keeps lips hydrated.
Very smooth texture.
Not very costly.

Hmmm Not any so far.


The prices are excellent for the high quality and you might end up leaving with a few new gorgeous lipsticks to add to your collection!
You can easily get it from any famous drugstore.

That’s end of my review :). Hope this information was helpful for you.


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