‘‘Glamour’’ Perfume By Victoria’s Secret

Hello!! Everyone, I hope you all are doing well…:) First of all I wish you all a very happy new year…

Today my review is about Victoria’s Secret ‘‘Glamour’’ perfume.

I think Perfume is more than just a beauty product. A scent can define your personality very well and honestly.

‘‘Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress’’ – CHRISTAN DIOR

Gorgeous and lovely ladies if you’re looking for the perfect fragrance something fresh and different for yourself, I’ve got you covered.

Victoria’s Secret ‘‘Glamour’’ perfume

Virtually every woman would like to have a desirable perfume bottle in their beauty bags. Wear this perfume and you are guaranteed of an all-day freshness every woman craves. A modern perfume, it has fruity and warm and rich woody depths. What’s more, it has a smell of its own, sweet, attractive, chic.

PACKAGING:  The packaging is lovely.



NOTES: Hello, gardenia and lush mango! Those two notes are what I got from this fragrance.



My Experience: I am very picky and this one is by far my favorite. It’s a nice sweet, attention grabbing scent. I have got some very good experience with this scent. I seriously couldn’t stop smelling my wrist after I first spritzed it on…! It’s very hard to describe but absolutely irresistible. I love how I can smell grapefruit and then some floral too… I love its fruity woody and elegant smell … You better wear your suit and dress properly when pulls out this gem because of the wowing blend of, lush mango and gardenia with steamy amber. I always get good compliments whenever I wear this perfume.



I tend to swap different bottles on my shelf depending on my mood, but this time I am obsessed with ‘‘Glamour by Victoria’s secret’’. The light floral sweet scent of this top fragrance product is soft and feminine. Its smells like: just as the flowers are starting to bloom blended with sweet fruit….


Before I even begin, can we all take a moment and admire the bottle Ahhhh… Just BEAUTY!

The bottle is made up of light pink glass with carved black letters – ‘‘Glamour’’, and is capped with a pink atomizer on the golden stem of the bottle.

SIZE: 50ML & 100ML

AVAILABILITY: Online or nearby Victoria’s Secret STORE.

Go check it out! One of my favourite pick from Victoria’s Secret!

Thank you…











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