Are you obsessed with fashion?

Can you live without the latest hair, make up and other accessories?

It is acceptably the end of the year. With just a day left to scream out “3-2-1 Happy New Year!” This is the best time to discuss what upcoming fashion trends are in 2016. We never want to go out looking torn up and worn out, so that’s why we should always look decent & smart.

Fashion lovers are imprisoned by fashion. It attracts them like magnet, which they cannot control. They are helplessly tossed by the waves of fashion. It makes them dress in a certain way, wear the kind of hairstyles they wear, have piercings or tattoos, read fashion magazines and talk in a certain way.

We all need a little fashion inspiration every now and then, every time of the year.No matter what season it is. Fashion likes to play with our hearts!

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. ‘‘Coco chanel’’

Fashion has become a large part of identity making in the post-human world.

Fashion is also influenced by glossy, colorful and eye-catching advertisements, fashion shows, and by articles in the fashion magazines etc. In our culture people are always overwhelmed by those who know the taste of trendiest trends. Our appearance depends on what we are wrapped in; fashion is about our social status, victory, uniqueness, and good taste.

The craze for fashion is great among young people all over the world.

Hair Style Trends

Fashion is one of the popular styles of hair at a particular time or place.


The following hair style is gaining popularity more and more each day. It looks good on everyone. It makes you look classy and smart. You can definitely try it despite the age, face shape, hair type and hair color.




Bob can’t be ignored. Bobs are just one of those classic haircuts that never seem to go out of fashion. It’s also a hairstyle that looks good in whatever the season is.This haircut is a stunning solution for thin locks. You just need to choose the right type of this cut. Bob haircut is known for its universality.

Bohemian waves

The trendiest bohemian hairstyle is one of the hottest fashions for 2016.  There is something too hot and feminine in every bohemian hairstyle like bohemian waves is one them. The beautiful, casual and easiest hairstyle of all times!

Braids (loose, French, fish tail)

Braids are cool and so lovely way to forget about hair styling for months, braided hairstyles make space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique. Besides, you can tryout it with highlights, natural or curly hair etc.

Beautiful Bangs…

If you have long, short, curly, straight hair or whatever hair style you go for, these beautiful bangs will always work out… Bangs make you look younger, stylish & gorgeous.


Don’t hesitate to experiment when it comes to your fashion wear. While it is good that you have your own favorite style to follow

Cat eye Goggles


Cat eye eye wear is described by rounded frames that flare out near the temples. Cat eye glasses frames became popular in the 1950’s but this fashion is back now in women. Cat eye-shaped frames tend to be more ideal for fashion divas!

Cat eye eye-glasses and cat eye sunglasses are popular fashion accessory rather than simply a medical necessity. With glasses becoming more popular, people threw themselves whole heartedly into the purchase of eye wear that not only solved vision problems, but also enhanced their appearance.


Round Goggles

Round glasses or goggles are popular among both men and women. Rounded frames which come into play this fall winter 2015-2016 time period that is merely an extension from the looks presented for the spring and summer seasons of the year.Goggles-for-girls-2016-2women-2016-sunglasses2016-sunglasses-menround-aviators-700x420

Make up

I believe that all women are pretty without make up But… with the right makeup they can be pretty powerful.

images (45)

Makeup is fun and boosts the confidence of women when enhancing beauty. I believe that makeup – the chosen colors, the specific style, the way of applying it and its purposes -bears encoded messages, symbols and has the ability of transmitting pieces of information about the wearer. … Each one’s style can be regarded as a statement and it is the outward manifestation of their personality.



images (32)

The reign of no-makeup makeup is officially over. It’s the season for bright red lips, electric blue eyes, glitter lashes and bushy brows.


In upcoming 2016 lips are dark in shades of red, maroon, plum and deepest black. Matte or iridescent, play it dramatic with dark lips!!

1caffed9802a5e3d0c99e9fbb4abdeb2  962cce8dd209f5fd637f9310f7976b32




”Your eye makeup says so much about you and your style” laura-marcier


Thick Brows

Because they describe the face, thick and bushy brows are back and look set to be the focus in 2016.


2016 Smashing Electric Blue Eye Makeup

Latest trends suggest you to go back to almost forgotten blue eye makeup. Electric blue is again the warmest and the best color to highlight your unique beauty.

Graphic eye make up

It appears as if the graphic trend is huge in 2016. This is gonna be very bold trend for bold and fashion obsessed beauties…

Thank you!!


10 thoughts on “FASHION TRENDS 2016

  1. TSP says:

    I had a bob a couple of times and I never had to put effort into my look – my bob did all the work. It’s a sleek and professional look that can’t be ignored.


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