GM Diet: The Master Plan to Lose 5-6 Kgs in 7 Days


Lose 5-6 kg in 7 days with GM diet
To be slim and smart is the dream of everyone. . Almost every second person wants to change the way he looks. Obesity has become one of the biggest challenges today. It is affecting people worldwide. And if we are not careful, it would put our lives in danger as well.

I did the following weight loss diet program and it worked wonders. I strongly recommend if anyone wants to lose weight should start this program immediately.

This program has been scientifically tested by General Motors employees with 99% success rate. The effectiveness of this seven day plan is that the food eaten burns more calories than they give to the body in caloric value. After seven days you will begin to feel lighter because you will be lighter by at least 10 lbs. You will have an abundance of energy and an improved disposition.
It is named the General Motors Diet plan or more commonly known as GM Diet. It mainly aims at a healthy body, mind and focusses on immediate, hassle free and safe weight loss. You would notice the following by practicing this program:
1. Help you understand how to lose weight in 7 days.
2. Lends a natural glow to the skin.
3. Detoxification of the body which would help you feel lighter.
4. Slimmer waist lines and abdomen.
5. No more flab in the body.
There is absolutely no harm in trying this out once and you would see the results for yourself. This diet plan will help you learn how to lose weight in 7 days in a healthy way.

Day-by-Day Meal Chart

Day 1 (Fruity Day)

images (13)
The first day of your Diet plan would be the hardest one and you would crave for so many things and headache is one of the symptom of the first day. But stay determined and you can avoid the craving for food, and getting slimmer is your dream.
o You would be consuming only fruits (in any quantity that you like) on the first day of the diet but stay away from Bananas &Mangoes.
o Consume more of watermelons, lemons, oranges, apples, pomegranates, strawberries and melons.
o You may want to eat 20 times a day but this is all that you can eat this day.
o You may cut the fruits to eat them but absolutely nothing can be added to them.
o This is a way of preparing your body for the next six days of the General Motors Diet Plan.
o Drink at least 12 glasses of water.
Day 2 (Veggies day)

images (14)
Passed the Day 1 successfully? Welcome to Day 2! Just like your first day was “all fruits day”, this is the “all veggies day”.
o You can eat only and only vegetables.
o You will have to start your day with 1 boiled potato. But potato can only be taken once so after having potato in breakfast you won’t take it in any other time of the day.
o For the rest of the day you can take as much veggies as you want in either boiled form or raw form. Cabbage is one of the magic veggie as it really works in losing weight.
o No use of any fat or oil.
o Do not cheat or it won’t work.
o If you need some taste, add a pinch of oregano to the boiled vegetables.
o If you have spent the first two days successfully, you are majorly
Dedicated! Kudos!
Day 3 (Fruits +Veggies)

images (18)
Treat this as a combination of Day 1 and 2 and also, the options of food have now doubled.
o Eat the fruits and vegetables you used in the first 2 days.
o Avoid potatoes today since you will get enough carbohydrates from fruits and veggies.
o Eat till you fill your stomach.
o You will be feeling lighter. Keep control on your cravings. If you feel “enough is enough”, try to think about your weight loss….
Day 4 (Milk & Bananas only..)

o Bananas and milk.
o Today you will eat as many as 6 bananas whole day.
o Drink three glasses of milk for the whole day.
o This will be combined with the special GM secret soup.
o Recipe of soup is given at the end.
o Take banana and a glass of milk in breakfast and then in brunch again and then take GM soup in lunch and same banana and milk in dinner.

Day 5 (1 cup boil rice & 6 tomatoes)

downloadimages (19)
o Today is feast day.
o You will eat 1 cup of boil rice
o 6 tomatoes.
o Take 2 tomatoes n some of rice in breakfast. 2 tomatoes and rice in lunch or if you want to eat rice at once you can and take 2 tomatoes and GM soup in dinner. I am telling you the way I did it.
o You can do it in your way keeping quantity of each item in mind.

o Take at least 12-15 glasses of water. This is to cleanse your system of the uric acid you will be producing.

o You cannot add oil or any fat to cook rice but only plain boil rice and tomato you can either boil or eat raw it’s totally up to you.

o I used to cut tomatoes and add few drops off lemon to it just to add some taste to it as I am not a big fan of raw tomatoes. So you can eat according to your taste.

Day 6 (1 cup boil rice & veggies)

o You will eat boil rice again today but will replace the tomatoes with a variety of vegetables of your own choice. You may eat as much of each as you like.
o Note that by this day, the body is completely inclined towards weight loss and you should see a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel compared to when you started the diet.
o You can eat any vegetable except potatoes. No potato at all.
o Take veggies either in boil form or raw.

Day 7 (Last day)

o Today your food intake will consist of boil rice, fresh fruit juices 1 to 2 glasses and all the vegetables you care to consume.
o By this day, you should have flushed out all the impurities from your body completely if you’ve followed the GM diet without any cheating.
Tomorrow morning you will be 10-17 lbs. lighter than one week ago. If you desire further weight loss, repeat the program again. You may repeat this program once in a month.

G.M.’S Wonder Soup


Wonder Soup Ingredients:
• Onions – 6 large onions
• Green Peppers – 2
• Tomatoes – 3
• Cabbage – 1
• Celery – 1 bunch or use coriander according to taste
• Water – 4 glasses of water
o Add all the veggies to water and boil until veggies are tender.
o You can add salt and pepper for taste and lemon as well.
o No sauces at all
The GM Diet wonder soup is really tasty as well; you will find yourself eating this even when you are not on a diet.

Important tips:

  • Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water each day of diet
  • You can have GM wonder soup from 4th day onward.
  • People with any kind of health issues e.g diabetes, blood pressure etc should not try it.
  • After completing this 1 week diet, eat healthy food, add protein and all the other nutrients to your add.
  • Limit fats and restrict  you carbs.
  • During GM diet you cannot use any kind of sweetener or sugar at all.
  • In beverages you can just have water, black tea (without milk), green tea or warm water and lemon. No milk allowed.
  • Do not cheat yourself.

Side Effects of the GM Diet Plan

As this is a fast-paced diet plan, the followers of the GM diet will likely to experience conditions such as:

• Muscle weakness: This is primarily because there will be a deficiency in the proteins required for the muscle tissues in the first few days. However, this condition will become normal once your system gets used to the nutrients provided by the foods that you consume on the following days.
• Thirst & Dehydration: Like we said in the start of this article, people may feel thirsty and also suffer from dehydration as their fluids will be used by the body in an attempt to foster their metabolism. So, they’re always advised to drink adequate water throughout the day whenever they feel hungry or get thirsty.
• Headaches : On the first days (1 and 2), people may experience headaches as well as uneasiness which is mainly because their body is still in the process of getting used to the dietary effects. So, if your main goal is to lose weight, then you should withstand these obstacles in order to achieve your goal.


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