Flormar Deluxe Cashmere DC-31 Lipstick


Hello lovelies! Hope you are doing well…
I have an unhealthy obsession with good lipstick and by good lipstick I mean one that is moisturizing, well pigmented and is long lasting as reapplying lipstick every 5 minutes is one of the most annoying things.

Today I am gonna review one of my favourite lipstick by flormar.


I like vibrant and intense shade of pink. They instantly not only add splendid look in your personality but also make you feel fresh. I always love to add more of pink in my collection, no matter how much I previously own. Today I am gone share gorgeous shade of deluxe cashmere lipstick by Flormar from my lipstick collection.
If you’re the kind of girl that likes a well pigmented lipstick with high shine, a long lasting matte lipstick or a sheer glossy lipstick make sure to add Flormar lip colors to your beauty box.



Special formula that combines the finest colour pigments with an infusion of last generation moisture – boosting complex. Orchid Complex leaves the lips smooth and provides moisturizing. Fights free radicals and reduces appearance of fine lip lines. Shea butter and Cacao butter gives hydration and protection to the lips with mild and soothing effect. A full basket of anti-oxidants loaded formula leaves lips wrapped in light glossy color, comfort, nourishing and protection.


I have got it, in gorgeous pink shade; DC-31 is a pretty bright warm pink color.
I would say this color is the perfect pink for spring. The creamy formula is moisturizing, pigmented and glides on like a dream, so if it’s cold outside it’ll be best protection to your lips when you are out. You even don’t need any balm or primer for your lips. Also have nice smell and taste. My lipstick tastes like some berries. It’s nice gentle pink color.


Perfect suites with smoky eyes, or if you have heavy eye makeup then it’s perfect color. Or if you just don’t wanna use too much make up. For girls who just start using make up its perfect choice of color too.
Overall, this is a must to try lipstick range by Flormar if you are looking more a good quality lipstick in low price. I would highly recommend everyone to try this beauty.


It has a very smooth texture. One coat of the lipstick is more than enough to perfectly color the lips.


The formula moisturizes the lips very well and keeps it hydrated for long.



This beauty comes in a very stylish dull golden packing, which is mostly the center of attraction. Just love the packing.

Long lasting.
Keeps lips hydrated.
Very smooth texture.
Not very costly.

Hmmm Not any so far.


The prices are excellent for the high quality and you might end up leaving with a few new gorgeous lipsticks to add to your collection!
You can easily get it from any famous drugstore.

That’s end of my review :). Hope this information was helpful for you.




Tomatoes to remove pimples & scars


Tomatoes are rich in Lycopene as well as Vitamin A, which helps in nourishing the skin while regenerating it. Apply the fresh pulp of a tomato on the face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Then, wash off with water. Repeat this daily for a week or two.

Potato juice for pimple marks

If you are suffering from pimple marks, potato juice can be an effective remedy. Apply the juice of a raw potato on the face to remove scars. Once the juice dries out, wash your face with lukewarm water. It also helps in reducing sunburn. Potato acts as natural bleach for skin.


Cucumber is used in facial treatments for good reason. It also has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. For healing acne scars, you have to cut a cucumber simply and rub it all over the face, let it be on your face for about thirty minutes, then wash your face with cool water. Repeat daily as desired.


Applying ice to the face helps to tighten pores and to reduce secretions of acne causing sebum. Ice also tightens up pores, making scars less noticeable, by decreasing the size of the pores.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plants are well known for its magical ability to help in healing the scars. Aloe Vera juice is used in healing acne scars. Apply it regularly on your skin.

Honey is an enormous source of natural antibiotics that can accelerate the healing process. Honey is a natural moisturizer, which is used in the treatment of acne scars. Applying a honey mask on the face is found to be effective in acne scar treatment.


Water is probably best accessible natural method to treat acne scars. You should drink plenty of water, as it helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. Drinking lukewarm water with added honey and lemon in the morning specifically helps in flushing out toxins.
Baking Soda

images (1)
Baking soda can be used for getting rid of the pimple marks fast. Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 3 teaspoons of water and make a paste. Apply this paste on the whole face especially on the area with pimple marks and gently rub for 3 minutes. Then wash it with water. Baking soda will exfoliate the skin leaving a clear and beautiful skin.
Protect Your Skin From Direct Sunlight


Ultra violet rays are likely to worsen the appearance of your acne scars. If you are spending much time on the sun, you are advised to wear a sunscreen or wide hat that will create a shadow on your face.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Staying healthy and hydrated will give your body the necessary ammunition required to fight these scars.


Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening cream

Pond’s is definitely one of the most conversant brands with Pakistani women. Almost all of its products come with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction.
Today, I have the Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening cream in my possession which I have been using. Let’s have a look at the review.



The name of this product says it all– The cream has a mousse like fluffy texture which feels extremely soft.


Even though the cream is white in color, it does have a pink tone running through it. When I first applied it to my face and started blending, I could feel the cream thickening up a bit and getting absorbed into the skin almost instantly. Once applied it gave pearly glow on my face.  I totally agree with the claim that it is light weight.


 It doesn’t make the skin oil or shiny but definitely skin looks slightly even toned and bright. If you want a pinkish glowing effect, then this product will help you. It is good as a fairness cream.


Suitable for all normal and oily skin, but for dry skin this cream will need some extra moisture before using it, as it doesn’t have moisture to the extent that will keep the dry skin hydrated. So if you have dry skin then you should first moisturize your face with Pond’s moisturizing lotion and then apply Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening cream.


I love its fragrance. It has mild and sweet fragrance.


Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream comes in a faint pink glass tub and a brighter pink lid


The major ingredient of this product is Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide, as Vitamin B3 is known to act on melanin to give you a lighter and glowing complexion.

NET WT. 50g

PRICE: R.s 220


  • Easily available online
  • Nearby beauty stores

RATING: 4.5/5


My recommendation is it is worth to try Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream to find out whether it suits your skin. If it suits, it is worth to continue.

Hope you enjoyed my review on Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream SPF 20 PA++.

Please leave in your valuable comments. Happily looking for it 🙂

‘‘Glamour’’ Perfume By Victoria’s Secret

Hello!! Everyone, I hope you all are doing well…:) First of all I wish you all a very happy new year…

Today my review is about Victoria’s Secret ‘‘Glamour’’ perfume.

I think Perfume is more than just a beauty product. A scent can define your personality very well and honestly.

‘‘Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress’’ – CHRISTAN DIOR

Gorgeous and lovely ladies if you’re looking for the perfect fragrance something fresh and different for yourself, I’ve got you covered.

Victoria’s Secret ‘‘Glamour’’ perfume

Virtually every woman would like to have a desirable perfume bottle in their beauty bags. Wear this perfume and you are guaranteed of an all-day freshness every woman craves. A modern perfume, it has fruity and warm and rich woody depths. What’s more, it has a smell of its own, sweet, attractive, chic.

PACKAGING:  The packaging is lovely.



NOTES: Hello, gardenia and lush mango! Those two notes are what I got from this fragrance.



My Experience: I am very picky and this one is by far my favorite. It’s a nice sweet, attention grabbing scent. I have got some very good experience with this scent. I seriously couldn’t stop smelling my wrist after I first spritzed it on…! It’s very hard to describe but absolutely irresistible. I love how I can smell grapefruit and then some floral too… I love its fruity woody and elegant smell … You better wear your suit and dress properly when pulls out this gem because of the wowing blend of, lush mango and gardenia with steamy amber. I always get good compliments whenever I wear this perfume.



I tend to swap different bottles on my shelf depending on my mood, but this time I am obsessed with ‘‘Glamour by Victoria’s secret’’. The light floral sweet scent of this top fragrance product is soft and feminine. Its smells like: just as the flowers are starting to bloom blended with sweet fruit….


Before I even begin, can we all take a moment and admire the bottle Ahhhh… Just BEAUTY!

The bottle is made up of light pink glass with carved black letters – ‘‘Glamour’’, and is capped with a pink atomizer on the golden stem of the bottle.

SIZE: 50ML & 100ML

AVAILABILITY: Online or nearby Victoria’s Secret STORE.

Go check it out! One of my favourite pick from Victoria’s Secret!

Thank you…












Are you obsessed with fashion?

Can you live without the latest hair, make up and other accessories?

It is acceptably the end of the year. With just a day left to scream out “3-2-1 Happy New Year!” This is the best time to discuss what upcoming fashion trends are in 2016. We never want to go out looking torn up and worn out, so that’s why we should always look decent & smart.

Fashion lovers are imprisoned by fashion. It attracts them like magnet, which they cannot control. They are helplessly tossed by the waves of fashion. It makes them dress in a certain way, wear the kind of hairstyles they wear, have piercings or tattoos, read fashion magazines and talk in a certain way.

We all need a little fashion inspiration every now and then, every time of the year.No matter what season it is. Fashion likes to play with our hearts!

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. ‘‘Coco chanel’’

Fashion has become a large part of identity making in the post-human world.

Fashion is also influenced by glossy, colorful and eye-catching advertisements, fashion shows, and by articles in the fashion magazines etc. In our culture people are always overwhelmed by those who know the taste of trendiest trends. Our appearance depends on what we are wrapped in; fashion is about our social status, victory, uniqueness, and good taste.

The craze for fashion is great among young people all over the world.

Hair Style Trends

Fashion is one of the popular styles of hair at a particular time or place.


The following hair style is gaining popularity more and more each day. It looks good on everyone. It makes you look classy and smart. You can definitely try it despite the age, face shape, hair type and hair color.




Bob can’t be ignored. Bobs are just one of those classic haircuts that never seem to go out of fashion. It’s also a hairstyle that looks good in whatever the season is.This haircut is a stunning solution for thin locks. You just need to choose the right type of this cut. Bob haircut is known for its universality.

Bohemian waves

The trendiest bohemian hairstyle is one of the hottest fashions for 2016.  There is something too hot and feminine in every bohemian hairstyle like bohemian waves is one them. The beautiful, casual and easiest hairstyle of all times!

Braids (loose, French, fish tail)

Braids are cool and so lovely way to forget about hair styling for months, braided hairstyles make space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique. Besides, you can tryout it with highlights, natural or curly hair etc.

Beautiful Bangs…

If you have long, short, curly, straight hair or whatever hair style you go for, these beautiful bangs will always work out… Bangs make you look younger, stylish & gorgeous.


Don’t hesitate to experiment when it comes to your fashion wear. While it is good that you have your own favorite style to follow

Cat eye Goggles


Cat eye eye wear is described by rounded frames that flare out near the temples. Cat eye glasses frames became popular in the 1950’s but this fashion is back now in women. Cat eye-shaped frames tend to be more ideal for fashion divas!

Cat eye eye-glasses and cat eye sunglasses are popular fashion accessory rather than simply a medical necessity. With glasses becoming more popular, people threw themselves whole heartedly into the purchase of eye wear that not only solved vision problems, but also enhanced their appearance.


Round Goggles

Round glasses or goggles are popular among both men and women. Rounded frames which come into play this fall winter 2015-2016 time period that is merely an extension from the looks presented for the spring and summer seasons of the year.Goggles-for-girls-2016-2women-2016-sunglasses2016-sunglasses-menround-aviators-700x420

Make up

I believe that all women are pretty without make up But… with the right makeup they can be pretty powerful.

images (45)

Makeup is fun and boosts the confidence of women when enhancing beauty. I believe that makeup – the chosen colors, the specific style, the way of applying it and its purposes -bears encoded messages, symbols and has the ability of transmitting pieces of information about the wearer. … Each one’s style can be regarded as a statement and it is the outward manifestation of their personality.



images (32)

The reign of no-makeup makeup is officially over. It’s the season for bright red lips, electric blue eyes, glitter lashes and bushy brows.


In upcoming 2016 lips are dark in shades of red, maroon, plum and deepest black. Matte or iridescent, play it dramatic with dark lips!!

1caffed9802a5e3d0c99e9fbb4abdeb2  962cce8dd209f5fd637f9310f7976b32




”Your eye makeup says so much about you and your style” laura-marcier


Thick Brows

Because they describe the face, thick and bushy brows are back and look set to be the focus in 2016.


2016 Smashing Electric Blue Eye Makeup

Latest trends suggest you to go back to almost forgotten blue eye makeup. Electric blue is again the warmest and the best color to highlight your unique beauty.

Graphic eye make up

It appears as if the graphic trend is huge in 2016. This is gonna be very bold trend for bold and fashion obsessed beauties…

Thank you!!


BEAUTIFUL SKIN REQUIRES COMMITMENT, NOT A MIRACLE                                                                   (Erno-lazslo)


Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can prevent various skin problems. So what are we looking at when it comes to beautiful skin from your own kitchen?

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet can help you look and feel your best. Don’t force your beauty. Enhance it. Simplify with more a natural approach. Don’t mask the real you. Living the truth of who you are is gorgeous!

All the beauty products whether natural or synthetic cannot make your skin glow if you are: Stressed, bad eating habits, sleep-deprived and sedentary. Skin care is inside out. Your skin tells your life story.

Here are few ways to get beautiful clear GLOWING skin at home.


images (15)

If no product works for you, it  may be time to go natural with honey.  No matter your skin type or the state of your skin

  1. Honey and milk work wonders. Apply a paste of honey and milk or honey and yogurt on your skin. Keep it on for 10 minutes and then wash off your face with lukewarm water. It will add glow to your skin
  2. Apply raw honey directly on your skin. Let it dry naturally and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. The water content in honey will deeply moisturize the skin, making it soft.
  3. Honey is also good for sun burns, acne and wrinkles.
  4. Mix two teaspoons of milk and one teaspoon of honey. Then add one teaspoon of gram flour and mix it in well. Apply it all over your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Use this face mask once a week to enjoy clear skin.
  5. For extra glow, squeeze the juice of one-half lemon and mix one to two tablespoons of raw honey in it. Apply it on your face, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

What are the Health Benefits of Orange Peels?

We normally throw out the peels when it comes to oranges-whether we’re making fresh orange juice or snacking on whole oranges . But this is one big mistake as many of the highly nutritious compounds of oranges are found in the peels!


  1. Skin Whitening

Vitamin c in oranges is very beneficial as a natural skin bleacher. Orange peel extract when applied to skin can lighten and cover up dark blemishes and spots.

  1. Take 1 Tbsp. of orange peel powder and mix it with 2 Tbsp milk and apply the paste on your skin, it helps your skin glow and take out the dirt from the pores. Take care to dilute the orange peel paste when creating a face mask because the peels contain a lot of citric acid.
  2. Take 1 Tbsp. of orange peel powder and 2 Tbsp. of yogurt. Mix well. Apply on face and wash off after 20 minutes to get clear, fresh, and toned up tight looking skin.
  3. Here’s a quick explanation on how to make orange peel powder at home.
  • To make powdered orange peel, simply save up orange peels from the organic oranges you eat, remove the white fibrous parts on the inside of the peel, and wash them in warm water.
  • Spread the orange peels on a tray, cover them with thin cloth and place them in an area that receives plenty of sunshine. Leave them there until they are thoroughly dried.
  • Now, crush your peels into a fine powder
  • Store your sun-dried orange peel powder in an airtight jar.
  • Do not refrigerate it.
  • Place it in dry place.


 images (20).jpg

  1. The egg white facial is known as an “instant face-lift” because of its  tightening effect.
  2. Egg white works amazing for oily skin. It helps to tighten the skin and shrink large pores.
  3. Mask of egg white will leave your skin glowing and firm.
  • Take the egg white. Add lemon juice and mix it.
  • Apply it on to your skin.
  • Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash it off with warm water.
  1. Another egg white mask recipe for tightening the skin and wrinkles is following:
  • Take egg white and 1 Tbsp. honey.
  • Mix it.
  • Apply it on your face.

Wash your face after 15-20 minutes. It will make you look younger and fresh.  



People call banana as inexpensive natural Botox!

  1. Banana face pack can be used to reduce wrinkles and it gives extra glow to the skin.
  • Take a ripe banana and mash it in a bowl.
  • Add 1 tsp. of yogurt and 1 tsp. of orange juice to it and mix it.
  • You can add extra few drops of orange juice if you feel the mixture is too thick to apply.
  • Wash your face.
  • Apply the mask on face; massage it thoroughly for a minute.
  • Then apply a second thick coat onto your face and let it sit on your face for 15 minutes to allow the mask to work its magic! And then wash it.
  1. Rub the inner portion of the peel over your target areas. Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash it. It really tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles.
  2. Peel of banana also helps to close the open pores.
  3. Banana peel helps in treating blemishes and acne by rubbing the affected area for a few minutes then rinsing, repeating three times daily.
  4. Peel of banana soften and hydrate dry skin which helps to fight wrinkles and acne.


images (16)

Aloe Vera has many benefits for the skin. It has antibacterial properties that help kill bacteria that cause acne, anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated skin AND aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and stimulates new skin cell growth.

  1. You can cut off one leaf and squeeze out the gel.  Apply it to your face and body. Once you start treating your face and skin with pure aloe Vera gel, you will soon notice amazing changes.
  2. For Glowing Skin.
  • This face pack is excellent for making your skin glow and feeling great.
  • Ingredients: 1 tsp. Turmeric powder, 1 tsp. Aloe Vera, 1tsp. Rose.Rose Water, 1 tsp. each Honey & Milk
  • Instructions: Mix all the ingredients. Once the paste has been mixed.
  • Apply it to the face and neck and leave for roughly 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with cold or warm water and reveal your new glowing skin.
  1. No one likes their skin aging and wrinkling . So what do about it? Answer is very simple, apply aloe Vera juice on your skin and drink it too. The anti-oxidants like beta carotene, vitamin e and vitamin c prevent your naturally firm skin from losing its elasticity and in fact also reverse effects of aging. So look young, feel younger.
  2. Aloe Vera gets absorbed super-fast, so apply it on any dry skin and let it work its magic.
  3. When it is used to the skin, it protects the skin against sun burn and works as a protective layer between skin and the harm rays of sun. We can say it acts as a sun screen.

GM Diet: The Master Plan to Lose 5-6 Kgs in 7 Days


Lose 5-6 kg in 7 days with GM diet
To be slim and smart is the dream of everyone. . Almost every second person wants to change the way he looks. Obesity has become one of the biggest challenges today. It is affecting people worldwide. And if we are not careful, it would put our lives in danger as well.

I did the following weight loss diet program and it worked wonders. I strongly recommend if anyone wants to lose weight should start this program immediately.

This program has been scientifically tested by General Motors employees with 99% success rate. The effectiveness of this seven day plan is that the food eaten burns more calories than they give to the body in caloric value. After seven days you will begin to feel lighter because you will be lighter by at least 10 lbs. You will have an abundance of energy and an improved disposition.
It is named the General Motors Diet plan or more commonly known as GM Diet. It mainly aims at a healthy body, mind and focusses on immediate, hassle free and safe weight loss. You would notice the following by practicing this program:
1. Help you understand how to lose weight in 7 days.
2. Lends a natural glow to the skin.
3. Detoxification of the body which would help you feel lighter.
4. Slimmer waist lines and abdomen.
5. No more flab in the body.
There is absolutely no harm in trying this out once and you would see the results for yourself. This diet plan will help you learn how to lose weight in 7 days in a healthy way.

Day-by-Day Meal Chart

Day 1 (Fruity Day)

images (13)
The first day of your Diet plan would be the hardest one and you would crave for so many things and headache is one of the symptom of the first day. But stay determined and you can avoid the craving for food, and getting slimmer is your dream.
o You would be consuming only fruits (in any quantity that you like) on the first day of the diet but stay away from Bananas &Mangoes.
o Consume more of watermelons, lemons, oranges, apples, pomegranates, strawberries and melons.
o You may want to eat 20 times a day but this is all that you can eat this day.
o You may cut the fruits to eat them but absolutely nothing can be added to them.
o This is a way of preparing your body for the next six days of the General Motors Diet Plan.
o Drink at least 12 glasses of water.
Day 2 (Veggies day)

images (14)
Passed the Day 1 successfully? Welcome to Day 2! Just like your first day was “all fruits day”, this is the “all veggies day”.
o You can eat only and only vegetables.
o You will have to start your day with 1 boiled potato. But potato can only be taken once so after having potato in breakfast you won’t take it in any other time of the day.
o For the rest of the day you can take as much veggies as you want in either boiled form or raw form. Cabbage is one of the magic veggie as it really works in losing weight.
o No use of any fat or oil.
o Do not cheat or it won’t work.
o If you need some taste, add a pinch of oregano to the boiled vegetables.
o If you have spent the first two days successfully, you are majorly
Dedicated! Kudos!
Day 3 (Fruits +Veggies)

images (18)
Treat this as a combination of Day 1 and 2 and also, the options of food have now doubled.
o Eat the fruits and vegetables you used in the first 2 days.
o Avoid potatoes today since you will get enough carbohydrates from fruits and veggies.
o Eat till you fill your stomach.
o You will be feeling lighter. Keep control on your cravings. If you feel “enough is enough”, try to think about your weight loss….
Day 4 (Milk & Bananas only..)

o Bananas and milk.
o Today you will eat as many as 6 bananas whole day.
o Drink three glasses of milk for the whole day.
o This will be combined with the special GM secret soup.
o Recipe of soup is given at the end.
o Take banana and a glass of milk in breakfast and then in brunch again and then take GM soup in lunch and same banana and milk in dinner.

Day 5 (1 cup boil rice & 6 tomatoes)

downloadimages (19)
o Today is feast day.
o You will eat 1 cup of boil rice
o 6 tomatoes.
o Take 2 tomatoes n some of rice in breakfast. 2 tomatoes and rice in lunch or if you want to eat rice at once you can and take 2 tomatoes and GM soup in dinner. I am telling you the way I did it.
o You can do it in your way keeping quantity of each item in mind.

o Take at least 12-15 glasses of water. This is to cleanse your system of the uric acid you will be producing.

o You cannot add oil or any fat to cook rice but only plain boil rice and tomato you can either boil or eat raw it’s totally up to you.

o I used to cut tomatoes and add few drops off lemon to it just to add some taste to it as I am not a big fan of raw tomatoes. So you can eat according to your taste.

Day 6 (1 cup boil rice & veggies)

o You will eat boil rice again today but will replace the tomatoes with a variety of vegetables of your own choice. You may eat as much of each as you like.
o Note that by this day, the body is completely inclined towards weight loss and you should see a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel compared to when you started the diet.
o You can eat any vegetable except potatoes. No potato at all.
o Take veggies either in boil form or raw.

Day 7 (Last day)

o Today your food intake will consist of boil rice, fresh fruit juices 1 to 2 glasses and all the vegetables you care to consume.
o By this day, you should have flushed out all the impurities from your body completely if you’ve followed the GM diet without any cheating.
Tomorrow morning you will be 10-17 lbs. lighter than one week ago. If you desire further weight loss, repeat the program again. You may repeat this program once in a month.

G.M.’S Wonder Soup


Wonder Soup Ingredients:
• Onions – 6 large onions
• Green Peppers – 2
• Tomatoes – 3
• Cabbage – 1
• Celery – 1 bunch or use coriander according to taste
• Water – 4 glasses of water
o Add all the veggies to water and boil until veggies are tender.
o You can add salt and pepper for taste and lemon as well.
o No sauces at all
The GM Diet wonder soup is really tasty as well; you will find yourself eating this even when you are not on a diet.

Important tips:

  • Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water each day of diet
  • You can have GM wonder soup from 4th day onward.
  • People with any kind of health issues e.g diabetes, blood pressure etc should not try it.
  • After completing this 1 week diet, eat healthy food, add protein and all the other nutrients to your add.
  • Limit fats and restrict  you carbs.
  • During GM diet you cannot use any kind of sweetener or sugar at all.
  • In beverages you can just have water, black tea (without milk), green tea or warm water and lemon. No milk allowed.
  • Do not cheat yourself.

Side Effects of the GM Diet Plan

As this is a fast-paced diet plan, the followers of the GM diet will likely to experience conditions such as:

• Muscle weakness: This is primarily because there will be a deficiency in the proteins required for the muscle tissues in the first few days. However, this condition will become normal once your system gets used to the nutrients provided by the foods that you consume on the following days.
• Thirst & Dehydration: Like we said in the start of this article, people may feel thirsty and also suffer from dehydration as their fluids will be used by the body in an attempt to foster their metabolism. So, they’re always advised to drink adequate water throughout the day whenever they feel hungry or get thirsty.
• Headaches : On the first days (1 and 2), people may experience headaches as well as uneasiness which is mainly because their body is still in the process of getting used to the dietary effects. So, if your main goal is to lose weight, then you should withstand these obstacles in order to achieve your goal.

Beautiful outside starts with healthy inside

What is Beauty?
“To me, beauty is… simply in the eye of the beholder.’’ Beautiful isn’t about having a pretty face Its about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul….
“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ― Kahlil Gibran.


It is true that beauty is not in the face but….. It is also a fact that each and every person want to look beautiful. Many people spend handsome amount of money to get their surgeries done and use medicines and expensive products to look beautiful but they forget to worry about their Health. No matter how much one spends money to look beautiful and ignore his/her diet. There are 0%  that they will maintain it for long because if you are not healthy from inside how can you be OKAY? Even our brain works when it gets its fuel. So there is a very strong relation of Beauty & Health. And to maintain good health, one should take proper nutrients through food.



Healthy nutrition basically is eating healthy and balanced from all the basic food groups; which consists of the dairy group, poultry group, fruit group, vegetable group and a little from the fats, oils, and sweets groups.  There is no big secret to maintaining healthy skin and overall beauty.

Why is eating healthy so important?

Many people do not even know how great it feels to eat a healthy meal, because they have been making bad food choices for too long.

Healthy diet

images (9)

Eating a varied diet, rich in fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates and limiting sugar and fat, is beneficial to beauty and health. Following a balanced diet will not only keep your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure in check, which will make you healthier, but will also ensure clear and healthy skin, hair and nails, which will make you more beautiful.

Healthy food choices include at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, two portions of fish a week, lean protein, pulses and wholegrain foods.

“Are you getting enough water?”

images (11)

 Recommended are 8-10 glasses a day.  Many people go through their busy day without even realizing that their body is really water-deficient, and the long term effects can actually have a physical response on their skin. Lack of hydration is known to speed up the process of aging skin; causing wrinkles, fine lines and other natural signs of aging. Drinking ample amounts of water daily is very important to reduce the process of aging as well as help the skin in forming a stronger protective barrier against environmental pollutants such as UV rays.

If you’ve ever heard the saying “you are what you eat,” you know that it is important to fill your body with natural foods full of vitamins and nutrients to keep it healthy.


Taking Care of Your Skin

General Beauty Tips For Women

‘‘The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” ― Pablo Neruda

  1. Put pomegranate on your list. When applied topically, this antioxidant-rich fruit may help skin create more collagen, while speeding healing.
  2. Add walnuts to your diet it add Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet which help put shine in your hair and aid in making skin smoother and younger looking.
  3. The real secret to beauty is no secret at all. Eating vitamin-packed healthy foods will provide your skin with its daily nutritional needs to stay healthy and young.
  4. Consume foods that are rich in antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C) that help cells resist aging.
  5. Avocado improves your skin. By protecting against free-radicals that cause wrinkles and aging.
  6. Coconut oil can keep your skin looking young and smooth.

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Tips to staying young. Regular exercising also helps to keep your body young and healthy. Exercising three or more times a week is essential for beauty and health. Exercise will not only help you to control your weight, but could also reduce the risk of health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease and stroke.


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